Neil D Mulcahy MD. ENT, Allergy, Sleep Disorders, Hearing Disorders, and Hearing-Aids

Neil D Mulcahy MD Inc
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Daly City, Ca 94015
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Specialized in Otolaringology : This includes all diseases of the ear, nose, and throat.

Allergy: Allergy Skin testing including 50 inhalants and 30 foods. We preform immunotherapy which is giving injections for control of any allergies.

Sleep Disorder Breathing: It includes sleep apnea and snoring. Diagnosed by sending the patient home with a nocturnal oximeter which checks their oxygen saturation while sleeping. Also sending a patient home with the epworth chart which diagnoses clinically obstructive sleep apnea. If these are positive the patient is sent to a sleep center for complete studies. If the patient does have sleep apnea then he/she will follow up with Dr. Mulcahy with a CPAP machine or treatments. Snoring: Is a simple procedure with a laser on the soft pallet. This visit will only take around 30 mins.

Nasal Obstruction of the Turbinates: This will be treated as an inpatient procedure. Done in the doctors office during a 30 min, visit.

Hearing: Hearing Test are also done in our office by our in house Audiologist. In the case where a hearing aide is needed the office staff will guide you through the procedure.